Monday, 6 January 2014

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"Pavements and walls were chalked, Nelson's Column painted in letters 'a yard high' and around a million leaflets distributed. The press still stayed silent. Anti-fascists upped their game. A steam train at King's Cross Station was daubed with 'March Against Fascism on September 9th'. Leaflets were dropped at government offices, omnibuses and shops, including the rooftop of Selfridges in Oxford Street. Three live BBC radio broadcasts were interrupted by 'microphone bandits' urging workers to come out against the fascists on September 9th. Anti-fascist flags were hung from the BBC's Portland Place building and a banner draped around Transport House, the Labour Party and TUC offices, which read 'The United Front from Below is on Top.'
On the day, 2,500 Blackshirts were peacefully opposed by an enormous crowd estimated somewhere between 70,000 to 150,000 strong."

Dave Hann - Physical Resistance. A Hundred Years of Anti-fascism